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Advised OddsBSP Odds
Week (Mon-Sun)-9-9
Month So Far-64.5-62.97
Year So Far (2021)+83.95-45.02
Lifetime (since 1st June 2020)+228.15+103.23

There seems to be no end in sight and I am too much of a coward to fully lose the bank! From a high of +404 points on 17th of June we have dropped by 177 points.

I started this service with the intention of making money from it eventually. But I had also used these services in the past and always hated the fact that once signed up, if the tips were poor the tipster was still getting paid.

This is why I suggested a donate if you’re happy scheme. However this didn’t really take off and in June when we were 107 points up the total donations were just £5.

With this shocking run less and less people have been visiting the site (understandable to be honest) and I can not see a way to recover lost confidence.

My evenings have been lost to studying data and it took up more and more of my time causing me more and more stress trying to balance family time.

I would like to thank those that have sent messages of support / advice over the past 444 days and I am proud that despite some rather dubious offers I did not promote any bookies affiliate links. All the rubbish tips and mistakes have been made with the up most honesty.

At some may know I started this with multi-sports and switched to just horse racing. Who knows what the future holds but for now I shall enjoy my evenings again.

Thanks for following and for never giving the abuse I have seen other people get on social media.

Sorry especially to anyone following from mid-June – I was better than that!

Mr Fox Tips is now closed

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