15th Aug 2021 Results & Tips

Edited 19.38 to correct the date

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A bad day. Takes me to -163 from the high point a couple of months back so dangerously close to end game. The only glimmer of hope is that the long shortlist had 47 picks on it, and if I had posted ALL of them we would have ended with a profit. This means the data is good but I missed the winners from that data.

Advised OddsBSP Odds
Week (Mon-Sun)-14.5-8.97
Month So Far-55.5-50.97
Year So Far (2021)+95.95-33.02
Lifetime (since 1st June 2020)+241.15+118.23

Today’s Tips

I have been reminded that I’m picking up a few new followers here and there – so sorry if it has been in the last 8 weeks or so.

I do win only 1 point level stakes. You are all grown ups so I presume you have an idea about managing your bank (I suggested 200 points).

Tips are free, however in winning months I ask for a donation to help cover costs, I suggest 10% of winnings – but whatever you think is fair. This model is under review and I am expecting to move to a paid service in the near future.

I am not being superstitious here but I won’t put the bookmakers odds are at on here for a couple of days because since I’ve done it things have been terrible!!!

14:25 Chelmsford Hurricane Alert @34
15:00 Chelmsford Salam Ya Faisal @12
15:35 Chelmsford Hala Joud @15
16:45 Chelmsford Adrastus @13

All prices checked on Oddschecker 20:39 on 14th August 2021

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